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Why into why not?

This is a thought from Pastor Tom C. Murr, Woodburn Methodist Church.

Pastor West has served churches for many wonderful years of his life. Last week, I received this letter from Pastor West.

One thought in his letter stood out for me, “Turning a why, into a why not?”

This is a letter from Pastor Eddie D. West, Eula West and family.

“I am, recovering from bone cancer (multiple Myeloma).

The way I see it ...

It was last February that I became weak and for three months I asked God why
I had to deal with this illness.

Christ Jesus is my savior and my elder brother.

Therefore, whatever my body and spirit experience has to first pass through my savior’s judgment and permission before it touches my body.

To allow God to change my lifestyle so that others may be lifted up and experience spirited transfusions in their life is my prayer. I’m sure I have more than 1,000 people praying for my recovery. Let God’s will be done. Look at it this way folks, to see and experience a miracle, you have to start with a crisis.

Jesus waited four days after these sisters of Lazarus had their crisis to perform his miracle of defeating and overpowering death itself. Praise his name!

Last week at 2 a.m., God’s Holy Spirit revealed to me of all He has given me and my family over these many years, and now I am praying “Why not me?”

Jesus glorified God by his death. Can I do any less?”

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