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has book published about cancelling weddings on short notice

Kathy Kooiker of Osceola has been writing this summer and the result is “Positively Cancelling a Wedding” – a guide to cancelling a wedding on short notice.

It is written for brides, grooms, parents, friends and family who are involved in weddings called off six months or less before the ceremony.

After experiencing cancelling her own daughter’s wedding earlier this year, and finding no guidebook that was helpful, she decided to use what she learned to help others in the same situation. The first part of the process was actually writing the book. The second was finding and working with a publisher, and learning what goes into the process of getting a book on the market and available for purchase.

“There are hundreds of books and websites out there to help plan a wedding, but after spending a year putting the wedding together it is daunting trying to take it apart in just days without forgetting important details. In my research I read that approximately 250,000 weddings are cancelled each year and there is little written about it. Often times, there are only weeks or days before all the guests will arrive, and there is so much to be done and so many people to be contacted. Although nobody hopes to find themselves in this situation, it happens more than I realized and so much has to be accomplished so quickly at a time when emotions are high and it is hard to think clearly,” Kooiker said.

She is hopeful this will be a resource others can find helpful if they need it by just searching online and downloading the book immediately for use.

The early chapters of the guide are step-by-step instructions of what to do immediately when a decision is made to cancel a wedding. From contacting guests, to working with vendors, checklists are provided. The later chapters deal with emotional fall-out, healing and moving on, and are applicable not only to cancelled weddings, but to called off engagements and relationship break ups, as well.

The book has been published as an e-book, and is now available on all the major retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, Google and Sony. Previews and sample pages are available on most websites by typing the name of the book. Kooiker writes under the pen name Kathy Kay.

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