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Information about USagain donation bins

Recently, our community has become a site for the placement of clothing-donation bins labeled as “USagain.”

These bins are green and white in color and have doors for depositing used clothes and shoes.

On the front, in small letters, it does disclose they are a “for-profit” organization. However, few people might even take notice while thinking they are donating to charity.

On the Internet, USagain reports to be centered in the Chicago-area, and is promoting its collecting of used clothing for the limiting of old clothing ending up in landfills, and for distribution of usable clothes abroad.

However, they then proceed to bundle used clothes for sale to the highest bidder, who then resells them to impoverished countries and people at nominal costs.

Little of it gets directed to humanitarian relief or charity.

Our community has a nonprofit organization that already collects and makes available to people in need, clothes and other donations at charitable costs.

Cross Ministries does a fine job for the whole county, and the handling of leftover clothing and materials for recycling, while also providing some employment or opportunities to volunteer in assisting those in need.

The organization behind USagain has reportedly been involved in a number of questionable involvements globally and in Denmark, where they originated, including tax evasion and money laundering through offshore accounts of lucrative profits.

Please be aware and consider this when making donations of items to authentic and trusted charities.

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