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Direction in God

Isaiah 30:21 New International Version

21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

A few weeks ago, I was riding with a friend. He had on GPS and told me it really helps. I don’t have GPS. I suppose I might consider it if I was driving a semi cross-country. Though, I must admit, it would be a greater help when Anne wanted to view a mountain up closer. I had an uneasy feeling about that road.

But, I listen to life partner, and we turn up the road. After a couple miles we came to “locked gates” that were for a parking area for skiers. Here we were, on a narrow two-lane road, pick-up and camper. But, a park ranger came up behind us.

He looked and me said, “I saw you turn up this way and I thought better follow to see where you going.” He did smile slightly. He went to his truck and got a key and unlocked the gates. He smiled at me and said, “Next time look at a map where you are going.” I smiled back.

Have you every made the wrong turn or made the wrong choices? The answer is probably yes. In fact, sometimes we end up in very uncomfortable situations, or even unhappy ones. You shake you head; how did I ever do this?

In coaching, I made some of those wrong turns or decisions. I didn’t have my coaching GPS degree. One of the best results was a player who would put forward a great effort and no one knew my GPS degree was not completed. In other situations, my lack of being ready was clear to me, and I hoped no one else.

Isaiah writes some great advice. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” While driving a semi with another guy we made a decision to drive the two semis on what appeared to be a short cut. It was a risk.

As we started down the road, a farmer on a tractor begin waving at us. Wisely, we stopped. The farmer told us there was a bridge ahead that was only good for 4 tons (8,000 pounds). He gave us advice to turn left and left again and get back on the highway.

The farmer saved us serious trouble and miles. I have discovered in my life that God speaks to me when I have “hit a wall.” God speaks to us even when we have taken a wrong turn. He is an astounding God of love, patience and endurance.

His love will direct us in the right direction. God’s GPS is never off. His GPS will speak to us and say “This is the way; walk in it!” If we will stop for a moment and listen, He will come to us. In God’s enduring love, we can always know that He will give us the way to walk.

I urge you to seek God in your life to see the way to walk. Attend church, pray, read His book of life and join the community fellowship in His church. God will speak to you — even if you are on the wrong road, made a bad decision or experiencing a painful moment in your life. God is will be waiting for you.

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