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The bin is back

Recycling bin in Osceola returns Aug. 1

OST file photo
This is the recycling bin that used to be located at Hy-Vee in Osceola.
OST file photo This is the recycling bin that used to be located at Hy-Vee in Osceola.

The recycling bin in Osceola is back by popular demand.

“The public really wanted it back,” said Tom Andersen, Clarke County engineer.

Clarke County Landfill Commission is sponsoring a Waste Management recycling bin located by the Hy-Vee Pharmacy building, 1012 Jeffreys Dr.

Clarke County Landfill Commission used to have three recycling bins within the county — Osceola, Woodburn and Murray.

In late April, the recycling bin located near Hy-Vee in Osceola was removed because there wasn’t enough funding for it. This left the two bins in Woodburn and Murray.

However, the landfill commission recently voted to put the recycling bin back, and directed Andersen to begin the process.


Clarke County Supervisors and the landfill commission will be paying for the recycling bin. Historically, the bin has cost $1,400 to maintain. The recycling bin will be paid for out of existing budgeting funds.

Starting in fiscal year 2015, which begins July 1, 2014, the county will provide increased funding to help maintain the cost of the recycling bin.

Murray, Woodburn and rural Clarke County residents may utilize the recycling bin, which will be available Aug. 1.

“It’s strictly for those people,” Andersen said.

However, Osceola and Murray residents should continue to utilize their curbside-recycling containers.

Even though a third recycling bin will again be located in Osceola, the city isn’t part of the landfill commission. The landfill commission doesn’t receive funding from the city of Osceola.

Since the city of Murray does pay for the services of the landfill commission, Murray residents may use curbside recycling or the recycling bin.

“They have two options,” Andersen said.

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