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Letters to the Editor

Finding justice in America

While America watched the court case in Florida, Chicago had two unbelievable weekends of shootings.

From noon July 3 to midnight July 7, there were 74 shootings in Chicago, and 12 were killed as of Tuesday, July 9. From midnight July 12 to midnight July 14, there were 47 shootings with nine killed as of Monday, July 15. (Source “Chicago Tribune”)

There were no LAWYERS, no juries, no JUSTICE and very little media coverage. All individuals who are killed is a tragedy for everyone. All individuals being killed should have American justice.

When are we going to demand justice in the third-largest city in America? In the past couple of weekends, Chicago has had at least 19 people who have been left laying in their blood. The youngest was a 5-year-old little girl whose parents had taken her to the park to play. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.

Remember at Sandy Hook Elementary at Newtown, Conn., there were 20 children killed, including six staff members. In two weekends, Chicago has almost matched those terrible numbers.

To me, it is time we stop point fingers and blaming someone and start addressing the social issues that are plaguing America. If we can be $6 or $7 trillion in debt and give arms away to Egypt, I think we should ask for tax dollars to be spent helping solve the social issues causing the murders in our cities. These murders are like “wars in our cities.”

The 26th largest city, Baltimore, Md., had 28 killed in June and nine killed in the first 14 days of July. America is crying for a change. America wants to see some leadership shown to work toward solving problems in our country.

I have had enough of failed foreign policies and wars. I have had enough corruption in the government. I want our people of all races, age and sex to have opportunity to live and experience life. I hope you will join me in calling for a change — enough is enough.

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