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Letters to the Editor

Items taken after Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day, I and countless others visit the cemetery to decorate and show our love to the ones we have lost.

On the day after Memorial Day, each year, many of the flowers and memorials have been stolen.

A dear friend of myself and my husband had given me a nice double shepherd’s hook to put on my husband’s grave. The day after Memorial Day, it was gone.

Whoever you are that took it, you were kind enough to put the basket of flowers we had hanging on it on his grave before you took the hook.

So, I had to assume the basket of flowers was the wrong color for your taste.

This year, my daughter bought a nice pot of flowers to put on her dad’s grave. The next day, which was the day after Memorial Day, they were gone.

I have heard the same story from countless others.

What kind of people are you? Who could steal from someone’s grave? You cannot possibly have a conscience when you take the stolen things home and probably display them in your yard or put them on your loved one’s grave.

I cannot fathom what kind of human being could stoop that low. What do you do, scope out the things you want, and then, when there’s no one around, you swoop in and rob these graves?

All I can say is, I hope you get caught some day so the entire world will know who you are.

It must be a lot of work for you because I’m betting you go from cemetery to cemetery filling up your car with all of this grave-robbing loot you collect.

Enjoy it, but I hope you remember how and where you got it every time you look at it. But, knowing the kind of people you must be, it won’t bother you one bit.

I’ll bet you can’t wait until the next Memorial Day to roll around.

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