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Four new drivers visit victory lane on SWCC Night

It was perfect racing weather on Saturday as Mother Nature gave us a break from the rain for the Southwestern Community College night. A new record car count of 80 cars in the pits greeted a great crowd on hand.

First up for the features was the Jr. FWD’s as 5 cars started the A-main. Katelyn Byrd from Indianola lead from the green flag to visit victory lane for the first time this season. Class point leader T.J Woods from Osceola finished in second followed by Alan Delker from Norwalk in third.

Next up were the Pro 4 Trucks and the drivers once again put on a great show. Cody Mundy and Kyle Byrd swapped the lead for several laps as Garrett Nelson and Garrit McKee battled for third. After a late race caution Cody Mundy was able to keep the lead and win in front of the hometown crowd with McKee and Nelson finishing three-wide at the checkers. Unionville, Mo., driver Kyle Byrd and Osceola’s John Bakley rounded out the top 5.

Twenty-seven micro sprints signed in for the show and after the last chance qualifier, the field of 20 cars was set for the A-feature. Brad Comegys from Des Moines and Nate Mills from Bondurant sat on the front row. From the drop of the green flag, Comegys led the way to the checkered flag to claim his second win of the season. Newton’s Ben Woods finished second, Nate Mills third, Lane Wilson (Creighton, Mo.) finished fourth and Eric Bridger from Winterset finished fifth from the 18th starting spot after qualifying from the B-Main.

The CCS B-Mods were up next as nine cars started the A-Main and had the biggest field yet for this class in its first season. Red Oak’s Rick Germer had the lead from lap one and held the lead to take the win in the 16-lap feature. Jared Timmerman, the 2010 Harris Clash SportMod champion from Norwalk finished in second from the fifth starting position. James Reichart from Indianola was third, point leader Colton Nelson from Osceola was fourth and Colton Livezey from New Sharon was fifth.

Zach Brandon from Knoxville and Osceola’s Tyler Clark led the field of Outlaw Hobby Stocks to start for the A-feature. The 2011 track champion, Trevor Tanner took over on lap one and led the first nine laps. After a caution involving Tanner, Garrett Alexander resumed with the lead with Darin Dezwarte in tow. Dezwarte made the pass for the lead and his first win of the season. Alexander held on for second. Trevor Tanner rallied back for third. Jim Alexander from Lucas finished fourth and fifth was B.J George.

Last but not least, the FWD Street Stocks were next to cap off a great night of racing. Cory Sauerman from Grimes led the first six laps. On lap seven, Andy Forcht from Stuart took over and went on to win his first race of the season at CCS. Sauerman finished second, third went to Josh Camden from Lenox, Curtis Mongar and Jamie Black from Murray rounded out the top five.


June 29

CCS Outlaw Hobby Stocks


Driver Car

1. Darin Dezwarte 47

2. Garrett Alexander 2K

3. Trevor Tanner 33T

4. Jim Alexander 14A

5. BJ George 36G

6. Tyler Clark 7T

7. Brodie Buckingham 4B

8. Cassidy Buckingham 9X

9. Zach Brandon 27Z

10. Clayton Starckovich 59

11. Randy Johnston 62

12. Todd Jimmerson 76

13. Alex Bear 18X

14. Greg Gilbert 23G

15. Chris Mitchell

16. Trent Jeanes (DQ) 66

CCS B-Mods


Driver Car

1. Rick Germer 93

2. Jared Timmerman 7

3. James Reichart 28

4. Colton Nelson 93N

5. Colton Livezey 29

6. Josh Bear 46

7. Scott Bear 51

8. Jason Mason 6M

9. Joe Graves 00J

CCS Pro 4 Trucks


Driver Car

1. Cody Mundy 98

2. Garrit McKee 88

3. Garrett Nelson 95N

4. Kyle Byrd 21

5. John Bakley 12B

6. Erin Mundy 4

7. Jeff Sorenson 5

8. Kristin Clark 7K

FWD Street Stocks


Driver Car

1. Andy Forcht 17

2. Cory Sauerman 56S

3. Joshua Camden 4

4. Curtis Mongar 15

5. Jamie Black 69

6. Scott Morrison 25

7. Jacob Camden 9

8. Alfred Fletchall 19

9. Ronnie Camden 76



Driver Car

1. Katelyn Byrd 10

2. TJ Woods 01W

3. Alan Delker 77

4. Niki Sparks 12

5. Kaylie Camden 777

Iowa Micro Sprints


Driver Car

1. Brad Comegys 76

2. Ben Woods 11B

3. Nathan Mills 24N

4. Lane Wilson 25

5. Eric Bridger 81E

6. Alec Carberry 19

7. Dan Henning 41

8. McKenna Haase 55

9. Hunter Lane 9

10. Skylar Hunter 75

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