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Clarke gains new curriculum director, loses activities director

A lot has been going on with the administration positions at Clarke Community School District.

During a June 24 school board meeting, Tom Roff was approved as Clarke’s new curriculum director.

The board also approved the resignation of Mike Egbert, Clarke Community High School assistant principal/activities director.


School Board President Gerard Linskens said the hiring of Roff was led by new Clarke Superintendent Benita Gonzales, who was selected for the superintendent position in April. Gonzales’ first contract day is July 1.

“First of all, we were not involved in that. That was a superintendent decision ... (the board was told) why she thought he was the best choice. He’s teaching curriculum right now at the college level.”

Linskens said Roff was currently teaching in Ankeny.

“Just personality-wise, drive, knowledge, was very impressive,” he said. “That’s what I see, big time.”

Roff’s 240-day contract starts July 1, and his yearly salary is $70,000. Roff is replacing Dana Lillis, who accepted a curriculum-director position at Carlisle School District.


In Egbert’s resignation letter, he said he was pursuing an administrative position in his hometown of Ottumwa.

“The actual final position is still impending,” Egbert said during an interview after the school board meeting. “There’s some other administrative things that could be happening there with somebody possibly leaving, and what not. The position isn’t final yet ... they did say there was a spot in the district.”

Egbert’s last contract day was June 28, but he said he would “stick around” most of the summer to make sure school activities are taken care of, including the transition of the new activities director.

Egbert worked in Clarke Community School District for one year. He said he would miss meeting a lot of great people.

“There’s a lot of great people who work and live here,” Egbert said, “and working with the kids and learning to get to know them and appreciate them. I’ll miss the people here.”

Elementary principal

Former Clarke Elementary School Principal Brandon Eighmy resigned in May and accepted a position as human-resources director at Carlisle School District.

According to Linskens, progress on hiring a new elementary principal is being made and being led by Gonzales.

The school board held a special, closed-session meeting June 21.

“Basically, at that time, we were explained where the process is after they did seven interviews,” Linskens said. “There were 33 applicants, if I remember right.”

An offer most likely would be made soon for the elementary-principal position, he added.

As for finding someone to fill Egbert’s position, Linskens said it would be advertised.

“Now (that) his resignation has been accepted by the board, now we can start advertising,” he said. “So, we’ll probably start internally, then externally, at the same time, probably, and find our candidates.”

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