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Making God a priority

Mary and Martha are two of the most incredible women we find in the Bible.

They were among Jesus’ followers. One of my favorite stories about them is when Jesus comes to their house to visit.

We find Martha in the kitchen tending to all of the hospitality needs. We find Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet taking in all that he has to say. Martha is annoyed with her sister for not helping her in the kitchen. She wants Mary to get up and help by being a good hostess to their guests.

Jesus reminds Martha and Mary that the acts of hospitality are important, but that it is most important to open their hearts to hear the words that he has to share. The housework and acts of hospitality, the busy-ness of the day can wait. He wants them both to come and sit at his feet, to learn and to feed their spirits.

We earn through this passage of scripture in Luke 10 that neither Mary nor Martha were doing anything wrong. However, Jesus reminds us that we must be about both the doing of our faith and the growing in our faith.

With the busy lives we lead, we often find it hard to make it a priority to sit at Jesus’ feet. Even in the summer, which is supposed to be a time of recreation, rest and renewal, we are always busy and on the run. Ball games, picnics, reunions, vacations, yard work and other special events fill our days.

I would like to invite you to be intentional about spending time at Jesus’ feet this summer.

Wake up early and watch the sun come up with Jesus. Sit on your porch or at a park and listen to God speak to you through the gifts of creation. Pick up a blank book and start a gratitude journal. Read a Psalm every day before you drift off to sleep. Make attending worship a PRIORITY that other activities are scheduled around.

I know how easy it is to let the days get filled with many “things.” Our spirits will be renewed and blessed when we start the day sitting at Jesus feet and when we gather in worship with our church family.

If you don’t have a church family, find one by visiting the different houses of worship in town until you find one that feels like “home.” If you haven’t been to church in a while, come on back. You are always welcome. May you each discover anew the blessing that comes as you make time to sit at Jesus’ feet this summer through creation and in worship.

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