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Letters to the Editor

Thank you from CCRC

On May 7, the voters of Osceola, Woodburn and Murray voted overwhelmingly to support the Local Option Sales and Services [Tax] (LOSST) currently in place and dedicated to pay for a new water supply.

Clarke County Reservoir Commission members thank the voters for taking time to learn the facts about how critical the local sales tax is in paying for the new water supply reservoir that the community needs. Thank you for making the effort during a very busy season to vote in the special election. Truly, every vote counted.

We also thank the Clarke County Friends of Water for their fine work in getting information out about the project, the role of the local option sales tax and our community’s need for an expanded water supply. We also recognize, and thank, everyone who talked to their friends and neighbors about this critical issue.

It is our sincere hope that we can move forward as a united community in carrying out the long and complex process of building this new water source. Working together, we will make it a reality.

We thank you sincerely for your vote of confidence.

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