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Would you like ‘purple-potty insurance?’

Who wouldn’t want a purple toilet in their yard? If you don’t, you might want to think about buying some insurance.

A group of women from the Osceola Women’s Society, T.T.T.-FZ, have formed a team for the upcoming Relay for Life in Osceola. The name of the group is “Nancy and Ann’s Sisters” in memory of two of the group’s sisters Nancy Gracey and Ann O’Neill, who died from cancer in the past two years.

Each relay team is asked to come up with fundraisers to help the American Cancer Society. The T.T.T. women wanted something unique and they have found it. The group procured two “potties” and painted them purple.

Citizens may pay $10 to have the “purple potty” put in the yard of any “friend” they choose. In just a week, the pots have been to multiple houses around town.

When someone is the lucky “recipient” of the potty, they may choose to leave it for several days, pay $10 to have it taken away, or pay $15 to have it taken away and sent to a friend.

Anyone who doesn’t want to receive this unique “gift” can purchase “potty insurance” for $20, and this will guarantee that the potties won’t end up in your yard. All money raised goes to the American Cancer Society.

Anyone who would like to help “flush cancer” and send the gift to a “friend” or purchase “insurance” against receiving it, can contact Janet Jurgensen at 641-414-2046 or Ronda Wishon at 641-414-1094.

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