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Contract for Ty Wheeler, city administrator/clerk, extended until 2016

Osceola City Administrator/Clerk Ty Wheeler is going to continue working for the city for the next few years.

Wheeler’s probationary period has ended, and his renegotiated contract was approved during an Osceola City Council meeting May 8.

“At the last meeting, we had my evaluation and voted to retain my employment,” Wheeler said, “which I thank you.”

The employment agreement between Wheeler and the city of Osceola shall be in effect through May 2016.

In Wheeler’s contract, it states if the city terminates Wheeler without cause, he will receive six month’s severance pay and benefits.

If Wheeler decides to terminate employment, he will provide the city a minimum of 45 days written notice of his intent to terminate.

Councilman David Walkup made a recommendation to increase Wheeler’s wage by 3 percent.

This means Wheeler’s annual salary increases from $77,500 to $79,825.

“I think it shows we’re committed to you, Ty,” Walkup said.

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