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Letters to the Editor

Time to cut spending

By Tom C. Murr


APRIL 15 IS HERE! I love this country and appreciate the freedoms of this country.

We are going to pay a RECORD $2.7 TRILLION PLUS IN TAXES! We are going to spend over $3.8 TRILLION PLUS.

There is something wrong with those figures. We need to cut spending or make better choices on spending.

One example: Dept. of Justice spent $50 million on conferences last year. This excludes any conference that cost less than $20,000. With our modern media, is there any reason that we need to have big conferences than include meals, hotel, travel and other unnecessary activities? It would seem that we could cut that $50 million back to less than $10 million if we would use our modern media.

Remember this is just one example of where there is unnecessary spending. How much more could each citizen find in our national, state and local government spending? It is time to cut this spending. Frankly, we cannot not afford more taxes. We need to live inside our budget.

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