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Letters to the Editor


By Steve Waterman


Some of you will remember the ‘70s and ‘80s, and the concerns about the drug culture and other law-breaking actions of those times.

It was time for something simple and easy to remember.

My young son in elementary school had heard time and again the simple statement, “Just say no.” I was packing to attend an out-of-state conference. He looked me squarely in the eyes, as only a young boy can, and said, “Dad, remember, ‘Just say no.’”

Our family has joked about that incident many times.

I am suggesting Clarke County residents eligible to vote May 7 also, “Just say no.”

We are faced with a simple, yet complicated, ballot. A “no” vote means keeping the local-option sales tax and supporting our need for water.

Others have written in detail about specifics of the proposed lake. Information is readily available for anyone interested. Written material can be obtained at Clarke County Development Corporation.

The legal actions, including public meetings, have been met. Those in opposition have used their rights as citizens to express themselves.

Quite simply, WE NEED WATER. Everyone knows that.


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