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McCann earns academic all-state honors

Clarke senior Kylar McCann added another honor to the list of awards she’s received after a stellar senior season on the basketball court, as she was named to the academic all-state team.

The requirements for the academic all-state team, athletes must have at least a 3.75 GPA with a score of at least 27 on the ACT.

McCann was one of 84 athletes to earn the distinction.

Clarke head coach Eric Zoske said with the type of girls he had in this year’s senior class, receiving an award like this doesn’t surprise him.

“She (Kylar) had a great season and I value these awards just as much as an athletic award,” he said. “Even though I had nothing to do with this award, I’m just as happy for her as I was for her getting third team all-state. It just goes to show the type of kids we had on the team this year. We’ll never have as good of a group of athletes, let alone kids as we did with this senior class.”

Zoske also said McCann being honored with academic all-state just illustrates one story he said he’ll never forget from this season.

“We were coming back from a game and got back at 12:30 late at night,” he said. “Kylar had a test the next morning. Most of us go right to bed when we get back, but she stayed up until about 2 a.m. studying.

“She looks for the importance into a lot of things,” he continued. “She finds the importance in school. It shows a lot about her character and just, overall, she’s a great kid. One more reason to be proud of her.”

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