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Letters to the Editor

Protect Iowa’s lands, waters

By Robert W. Johnson


This last week I attended a private pesticide applicator recertification class, as did hundreds of Iowa farmers this spring to keep current on new rules and regulations concerning proper use of restricted chemicals used to raise crops on the farm.

We were told about the concerns of pollution and overuse of chemicals and loss of soil to our lands and water ways. We are to take more actions to help prevent this problem, which we all believe is only in our very best interest to do so.

Today, I read that a small company in Blairsburg, Iowa, has been fined $100,000 for discharging contaminated water into a creek that flows into the Des Moines River.

But, why impose a fine of $100,000 to this company and not pay attention to the city of Des Moines who regularly discharge millions of gallons of raw sewage directly into the Des Moines River?

I can only hope this stops, and any more discharge by Des Moines or anyone are treated like the Blairsburg company just occurred.

It seems to me like who you are makes a very huge difference in enforcing our laws protecting the lands and waters of Iowa.

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