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Letters to the Editor

Guns in our society

By Tom C. Murr


We are going over the cliff. We have act NOW!

Within five days after the tragic event at New Town on December 14, 2012, President Obama appointed Vice President Bidden to head up a study guns. However, President Obama gave him only 30 days to get it done. (Remember Christmas Vacation time)

On January 19, 2013, the Vice President gave his findings. The President Obama gave a speech and issued 23 executive orders concerning “violence control.”

NOW WE HAVE IT FIX. New York State passed the toughness guns laws in the nation. Other states and cities are following with changing gun laws.

BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM. We have not studied the reason behind the use of the guns in our society. For one day, Vice President Bidden heard from the “gun-control advocates,” “NRA,” “Medical Health” and “Media.”

Let’s be serious! Did we invite the experts in the field of Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, or Law Enforcement testimony? Did the vice president consult with people in ethics or religion? No, we had to have violence control (changed name from gun control).

I cite to examples of the results:

Marion Iowa Police Department Chief of Police Harry Daugherty told the Marion City Council by purchasing AR-15, “I’m trying to make it so my officers are at least on the same playing field,” Daugherty said, adding that officers should have more than just a 9mm sidearm and a shotgun if they encounter a shooter with an assault weapon. “I’m just trying to plan for the future, hopefully for something that will never happen,that will never even leave their cars.”

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. says personal safety is no longer a spectator sport. “I need you (citizen) in the game, he says, “With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 9-1-1 and waiting is no longer your best option,” he adds. “You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there.”

When you rush to making a decision, you will get bad results.

The fact is, the White House has rushed a very complex study. They have skipped over important questions that would have given us a more safe society. In fact of reality, we need one law followed. It is found in the Ten Commandments. Thou shall not kill.”

You have missed the key point. Mr. President and Vice President, how shall we teach the value of respect for people?

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