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Letters to the Editor

Elect Dick Schrad

By M. Michael Shay


The residents of Clarke County have an excellent opportunity to elect an individual who stands up for our values, supports our economic growth, is a staunch supporter of bettering our education system and has the background in small business and government to get goals accomplished.

As a senator, he can work for us in the Iowa State Legislature. I have spoken with him numerous times on subjects ranging from the infrastructure of our farm-to-market road system, hunting regulations, the importance of local school systems, religion and government’s role in boosting small businesses.

I can tell you from these conversations and listening to him interact with others, he does not agree with me on everything; but, neither do most of my friends.

What does strike me as an extremely important quality that is missing in both state and national legislators; he is willing to listen with an open mind.

He makes judgments based on factual information. He is willing to look at all sides of the issue. He is willing to compromise without scarifying integrity.

Compromise is the only way we can get our legislators going forward again. It does nobody any good if important issues are not even presented to our governor.

Compromise has to be present to get improvements in our schools, in our road system, in our agricultural growth, in business climate and in our state budget.

Dick Schrad is the individual who can open doors of opportunity for us. He will listen to our concerns. He will support our needs and get goals accomplished because he has the knowledge, background and integrity to work with people who don’t always agree with him.

Dick Schrad is the voice we need to get something finally accomplished to keep our state growing.

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