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It pays to have friends in high places

You know, I’ve always heard, it isn’t who you know, well, apparently, that statement is wrong.

Case in point, our water superintendent Brandon Dean Patterson has two drunk driving charges, and one in a city vehicle in a town in northwest Iowa. How embarrassing is that to our city fathers?

Well, I’ll tell you, not one damned bit embarrassed, as most of you by now have read Brandon Dean Patterson received a love pat on the wrist.

Now, the icing on Brandon’s cake, according to the waterboard minutes in this same paper, just a matter of days before Brandon’s second OWI, he received a nearly $10,000 a year raise or $60,000 a year.

The water OVER LORDS, City Administrator Ty Wheeler, Chairman Bill Freeman and other movers and shakers of WATERWORLD, in their brainiac knowledge decided he should make more money. Knowing it’s the economy, stupid.

Now, they compared two previous water superintendent’s yearly pay, and that being Steve Squire’s $53,171.56, and Herman Gracey’s $60,187.92.

Now, my question, why does he get to keep a raise most of us would DIE for, and why the patty-cake punishment? Isn’t termination in order?

Last question, didn’t these other men have several years of service to the city?

So my conclusion is, it does pay to have friends in high places.

Darrell Reed


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