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Osceola fire chief promotes having fire-exit plans during Fire Prevention Week

The theme for this year’s Fire Prevention Week is “Have Two Ways Out.”

“It means that you always want to have two ways to exit your house in the situation you have a fire,” said Osceola Fire Chief Mike Fry.

Fire Prevention Week began Oct. 7 and continues until Saturday.

Fry said it’s important for people to have at least two planned routes or exits, and to practice them with their family.

“There might be some cases where that doesn’t happen,” he said, “but it’s always important to practice, especially with little kids.”

Fry added, families should create a meeting place or designated area outside to get together once everyone is out of danger.

School information

Osceola Volunteer Fire Department will be going to preschools this week to talk to children about fire safety.

The fire department will also be sending information and packets about fire safety to all the classes at Clarke Community Elementary School for students to take home.

Fry said, one of the most important things he tells people is, once they are out of a burning house, don’t go back in.

According to Fry, he has seen situations where a child might not immediately get out and a family member wants to go back in. He said this only makes a dangerous situation worse.

“With having kids, I don’t know if I could do that myself,” Fry said. “It’s really hard to stress that enough.”

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