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Clarke County’s Caucus results

President Donald Trump has won the Iowa Republican Caucus and the same is true for Clarke County. Trump had 131 Clarke County Republican votes while Joe Walsh and Bill Weld each had one vote.

The Democratic Caucus, with many more candidates to choose from and trouble with the state caucusing system took more time for results to come in.

The Woodburn precinct for the Democratic Caucus had 17 attendees and Pete Buttigieg had 8, Amy Klobuchar had 5 and Bernie Sanders had 3.

After the second alignment in Murray with 28 voters who turned up to caucus Elizabeth Warren had 9, Klobuchar had 12 and Joe Biden had 7.

The Middle precinct, with 16 attendees, had 7 for Buttigieg, 5 for Klobuchar and 4 for Sanders.

The Northeast precinct, with 40 attendees, had 10 for Biden, 8 for Sanders, 8 for Buttigieg, 7 for Warren and 6 for Klobuchar.

Osceola 3rd precinct, with 76 attendees, had 24 for Klobuchar, 22 for Buttigieg, 18 for Sanders and 12 for Andrew Yang.

Osceola 2nd precinct, with 43 attendees, had 12 for Sanders, 9 for Buttigieg, 8 for Klobuchar, and 7 each for Yang and Biden.

Osceola 1st precinct, with 35 attendees, had 13 for Sanders, 9 for Buttigieg, 7 for Biden and 6 for Yang.

Buttigieg led in Clarke County’s Democratic Caucus with 63 votes, Klobuchar followed with 60, Sanders earned 58, Biden 31, Yang 25 and Warren 9.

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