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Unofficial Special County Election results

The number of registered voters in Clarke County is 5,931. With 1,093 voting in the Special County Election Tuesday that makes an 18 percent turnout rate.

For Plan “one” Middle had 0 votes, North East had 6 votes, Murray had 1 vote, Woodburn had 3 votes, 1st Ward had 10 votes, 2nd Ward had 2 votes, 3rd Ward had 10 votes and there were 11 absentee votes.

For Plan “two” Middle had 63 votes, North East had 128 votes, Murray had 47 votes, Woodburn had 34 votes, 1st Ward had 32 votes, 2nd Ward had 37 votes, 3rd Ward had 77 votes and there were 148 absentee votes.

For Plan “three” Middle had 53 votes, North East had 32 votes, Murray had 157 votes, Woodburn had 26 votes, 1st Ward had 18 votes, 2nd Ward had 22 votes, 3rd Ward had 44 votes, and there were 132 absentee votes.

The unofficial results are Plan “one” with 43 votes, Plan “two” with 566 votes and Plan “three” with 484 votes.

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