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Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

There were many activities in which Woodburn residents gathered with their friends. Summer chautauquas were held in a big tent on the school grounds. These lasted for one week, with a different program booked for each day or evening. They were named for Lake Chautauqua in New York, where a group of Sunday School teachers met in 1874 for lectures and hymn singing. It grew to involve in some areas of the country to include noted speakers, writers and parades.

Your Jesus is Showing!

Twelve-year old Tory met all kinds of people as she spent weeks in the hospital recovering and healing from multiple broken bones and internal injuries she’d sustained in a car accident. As one of her favorite nurses came in to check on her, she exclaimed, “Nurse Beth, your Jesus is showing!”

The Old Home Town

In July, 1867, the railroad had made it as far as the fork of Brush and Gooseberry creeks in Clarke County. The town that sprung up in this valley was Woodburn. Some of the interesting laws of yesteryear follow.

Pruning time

Late one afternoon, the church doorbell rang. One of the church’s neighbors stood outside the door, nervously shifting from one foot to the other. What could be wrong? Was someone sick or in trouble? As I opened the door and the man began to speak, it was obvious he was nervous about something.

Voter ID/Integrity

Voter ID laws differ from state to state, and are classified into two groups: strict and non-strict. Iowa’s current Voter ID laws are considered non strict; meaning that some voters without acceptable identification have an option to cast a ballot that will be counted without further action on the part of the voter.

Back in Time

Our Courthouse

Revenue estimating

How other states do it and how this critical process can be improved

Loving…and letting go

Everyone was sad. Even though he’d turned 100 last year, no one ever actually expected “Grampy Joe” to die. He’d lived in his own home until the day he died – just two days ago.


Continuing north on the east side of the square

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