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Letters to the Editor

By Mary Gibson


Kudos to all who were involved in the recent production of “The Music Man,” the Clarke High School fall musical.

Since all three adult directors were deeply involved in family crises, more than the usual effort was required, and the end result was highly professional and entertaining.

Ms. March, Mr. May and Mr. Lampe performed beyond the “call of duty” in their effort, while tending to seriously ill loved ones as far away as Iowa City.

Emily and Jake Lampe, and others, stepped in to assist in rehearsals during their absences, and the young performers, production assistants, set builders, etc., gave extra effort in spite, perhaps, of some lack of the customary adult prodding.

Our fears for the future of our community and world can be set aside for awhile when we see the efforts of these young people in working together to make such a big event so successful.

Sarah Hettinger, as usual, put together, with the assistance of other Clarke Area Arts Council resources, a very believable set of costuming. This effort was also made in the midst of several personal happenings.

Of course, we must recognize the efforts of the parents of these young artists who help with the costumes, learning lines and making sure schedules are kept.

School administrators deserve recognition for finding compromise in daily schedules to allow time for extra rehearsal.

Special circumstances sometimes call for creative solutions. We are fortunate to have leaders who are willing to seek these solutions.

In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge the efforts that went into the fine production. I hope each person who was part of it came away with a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

I know I Ieft the auditorium feeling refreshed and inspired.

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