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Letters to the Editor

By Cindy Sanford


The NRCS’s 1991 report entitled “Reconnaissance Report: Potential Water Supply Reservoirs” describes two lake sizes at WB-1. I believe this is the report Mr. Beck cited in his “Letter to the Editor” Oct. 25

The larger of the lakes is 360 pool-surface acres. The expanded Arbor Valley Lake would be 600-plus acres.

The 1991 report clearly states, “Other larger sites not studied may also be suitable.” The 1991 WB-1 studied is not equivalent to the proposed Arbor Valley Lake expansion.

Mr. Beck discussed the potential for hazardous contamination from accidental spills and concludes that, therefore, WB is not a preferred option. This is ironic considering that just a few years ago, it was advocated putting a casino with commercial parking lots on our present water source, and more recently, Pilot Truck Stop.

Mitigation of hazards can be done. The dam proposed at Squaw Creek 4B is a ‘High Hazard’ dam. 4B has rerouted Truro Pavement going over the dam, increasing the likelihood of accidental hazardous spills.

Mr. Beck implied the use of the expanded Arbor Valley Lake for a public water supply is a recent discussion. In reality, it was first presented to local entities in May 2011.

The minutes of a joint council and water board meeting June 21, 2011, quote a council member stating, “The residents in Coyote Canyon were told site 4B was the only option, changing courses may cause some to question the credibility of those involved in the reservoir department.”

Initially, some representatives of local entities appeared willing to investigate the expanded Arbor Valley Lake, yet the CCRC continues to refuse.

Mr. Beck is a highly-paid employee of the CCRC. He is not unbiased. Living in Union County, his property taxes will not be raised, yet he advocates ours to increase.

There is only one option left to help them listen. Repeal the Local Option Sales Tax.

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