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Letters to the Editor

Monday, Oct. 1 at 9 a.m., the Clarke County Board of Supervisors will vote on reconstruction of Highway 152 and inheriting maintenance and liability on the existing Highway 152 roadway.

A plan was developed to straighten out state Highway 152 at the 90-degree curve near Dr. Richard Spencer’s driveway east to Highway 69 for a bio-diesel plant.

Now, seven years later, the state of Iowa will spend $1.3 million to put in the new road.

In agreement from the state to construct the new road, Clarke County would assume the maintenance and liability of all of Highway 152.

Why should the taxpayers be burdened with an additional highway when the state maintains it now?

The bio-diesel plant has not been built. The only added commercial building that is in the area of the new road is the turkey hatchery.

Clarke County has inherited two roads from the state, the Woodburn pavement and old Highway 34 west of Osceola.

We apparently don’t have the funds to repair old Highway 34.

Why should we inherit more road maintenance when we struggle to maintain our current road system?

Plan to attend the Oct. 1 meeting and voice your opinion.

Concerned taxpayer,

Joe Johnston

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