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Letters to the Editor

Don’t let him drive drunk

From Dale Mastarone      


We need to go back in history two centuries ago to the time when members of the U.S. Congress served a term or two, then went back home voluntarily to allow another Statesman to run for the vacated office.

There is what has been termed as a “close race” for the U. S. House of Representatives Second District of Iowa. The race is between six terms-served incumbent Representative David Loebsack (Democrat going for his seventh term) and challenger Dr. Christopher Peters (Republican going for a first term).

It cannot be denied that serving in Congress is a form of power. Power is an intoxicating substance, much like alcohol. Two terms, four years, that’s two drinks, two doubles. Loebsack has taken 12 drinks, six doubles – he’s had enough. Should Peters win the election this year, you can count on me to be supporting another candidate in the primary election in four years. I consider Peters a friend, but friends should not let friends drive drunk. 

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