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I-35’s Goering wins Clarke’s meet

Clarke’s home meet Sept. 25 at East Lake Community Park was a cloudy, overcast day but that didn’t slow Interstate 35’s freshman runner Abbi Goering from besting the girls field as she continues to catch the area cross country scene by storm.

Goering’s time of 22:01.63 bested the second place finish by Cassidy Nelson of Lenox by nearly 15 seconds.

“She’s been doing well. She’s been running top 10, top 5 all year even with older girls,” said Roadrunner cross country coach Desman Oakley. “Usually I try to give her a strategy and today I didn’t so maybe that’s my strategy going forward.”

Kelli Fink ended her race just outside of the top 15, in 16th place in a time of 24:58.19 as the other Roadrunner girl cross country runner in the meet.

Katie Donaldson of Clarke girls cross country took sixth in the home meet, finishing ahead of any other Osceola area athlete besides Goering.

The Lady Indians’ two other runners, Kenia Perez and Rebecca Van Buren took 53rd and 56th, respectively.

Clarke cross country coach Kayleen McCann was impressed that Perez was able to take on the challenges of the meet as she has been battling shin splints.

Central Decatur took fifth place on the girls side as a team thanks to top 30 finishes from Kiera Fonseca (19th), Kaydee Swartz (27th) and Lauren Saxton (28th).

Albia was the top team in the girls race with 55 points, just four points in front of Davis County in second place.

I-35’s Wyatt Fitzgerald took 12th as the top finisher for the Roadrunners, which took ninth place as a unit.

“Wyatt is a really coachable kid ... and he’s been really consistent,” said Oakley. “The rest of the boys are really young ...they’re learning the ropes and they’re learning how the varsity competition kind of works.”

Kyler Kirkpatrick also had a finish of 36th in 21:23.84 for I-35.

The Clarke boys took 10th as a team behind the top finishes of Ethan Domina and Diego Cavanzon.

Domina took 35th while Cavanzon finished in 39th.

Matthew Stickels and Gabriel Arellano took 51st and 52nd, respectively for the Indians.

Davis County won the boys meet as a team while Landon Noe of Albia took first place as an individual.


Girls team results

1. Albia 55; 2. Davis County 59; 3. Southwest Valley 116; 4. Mount Ayr 126; 5. Central Decatur 165; 6. Wayne 170; 7. Lenox 191; 8. Martensdale-St. Marys 192; 9. Van Meter 261.

Boys team results

1. Davis County 43; 2. Albia 50; 3. Mount Ayr 87; 4. Martensdale-St. Marys 130; 5. Van Meter 131; 6. Central Decatur 166; 7. Wayne 174; 8. Southeast Warren 201; 9. Interstate 35 213; 10. Clarke 242; 11. Southwest Valley 340.

Girls individual results

– 1. 1. Abbi Goering, I-35, 22:01.63; 6. Katie Donaldson, Clarke, 23:23.61; 16. Kelli Fink, I-35, 24:58.19; 19. Kiera Fonseca, CD, 25:16.76; 27. Kaydee Swartz, CD, 25:44.84; 28. Lauren Saxton, CD, 25:47.62; 45. Chloe Hamaker, CD, 28:22.40; 46. Grace Poulton, CD, 28:31.59; 50. Brianna Fonseca, CD, 28:37.11; 53. Kenia Perez, Clarke, 29:29.01; 55. Isa Cote, CD, 30:02.36; 56. Rebecca Van Buren, Clarke, 30:09.02.

Boys individual results

– 1. Landon Noe, Albia, 17:32.21; 12. Wyatt Fitzgerald, I-35, 19:22.36; 21. Kaige Cowden, CD, 20:03.90; 22. Brody Patterson, CD, 20:04.98; 35. Ethan Domina, Clarke, 21:15.71; 36. Kyler Kirkpatrick, I-35, 21:23.84; 38. Brandon Vecchio, CD, 21:35.81; 39. Diego Cavanzon, Clarke, 21:37.51; 42. Avery Marvin, CD, 21:53.53; 43. Brayden Olsen, CD, 22:20.26; 48. Matthew Patience, CD, 22:39.68; 49. Seth Dickinson, I-35, 22:40.0; 51. Matthew Stickels, Clarke, 23:08.81; 52. Gabriel Arellano, Clarke, 23:15.12; 56. Logan Peterson, I-35; 23:32.61; 60. Aidan Wickman, I-35, 24:06.71; 61. Colton Vanderwert, I-35, 24:08.02; 63. Quinten Coffelt, CD, 24:23.45; 65. Max Maiden, Clarke, 24:41.24; 70. Ryan Truman, I-35, 26:01.73.

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