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Letters to the Editor

Elect Adam Ramsey as Clarke County Attorney

From Glenn Hogan

Richmond, Virginia

Dear citizens of Clarke County – I am writing to tell you what I know about one of your own, Adam Ramsey. I’m not big into partisan politics, but that’s OK because I don’t think Adam is either. I understand that Adam is running against someone who has spent the majority of her legal career in an elected position, but I am no expert on politics so I don’t know if that hurts him or helps him.

I met Adam about 17 years ago at what we call our “hunt camp,” a weeklong deer hunting and camping tradition wherein about 35 guys camp every year along the Shenandoah River in the Appalachian Mountains.

First off, I was pretty surprised to learn from the other guys that Adam was a high ranking government lawyer in Washington, D.C. Nothing against lawyers, but Adam is just not like the lawyers I have dealt with over the years – all full of themselves and experts on everything. Instead he was down to earth, hardworking and always willing to pitch in. He wasn’t the type that stands back and watches or disappears when there is dirty work to do. Whether it’s pushing the heavy bush to flush deer or dumping the camp honey pot, he does his share and then some. It’s rare to find someone who wears a suit every day for work and is just as comfortable in their three-day camo. When I learned he was raised on a farm in Osceola, and has shoveled his share of manure, it made a lot more sense. I would wager that his years in the Army contributed to his character, too.

Though I am 72 years old and he is 48, Adam and I seemed to have a good connection from our first meeting. He apparently had always had an interest in real estate and that’s what I do. I live in Richmond, Virginia, and I currently have about 135 pieces of income property. Over the years, I have owned 3 to 4 thousand properties. Needless to say, I deal with a lot people and I have to be a pretty good judge of character and I can tell you that Adam is what I would call “real.” He doesn’t seem to have this sense of entitlement that so many young people do.

Besides being humble, he works hard at being successful at whatever he grabs ahold of. Adam listened to everything I told him about real estate over the years and had great success down with houses here in Richmond. I run into a lot of executive types that think they are going to make a bunch of easy money in real estate rehabilitation by hiring other people to do all the work. It is hard to make money in small scale real estate investing if you pay other people to do everything, but I am pretty confident that all those weekends Adam spent sleeping on a cot in the dirty old repo houses down here in Richmond have paid off. Most people aren’t willing to get their hands dirty or work that hard on their weekends off.

Luckily, I have never had to go against Adam in court. I know he is a tough litigator and I would prefer to have him on my side of the table! Though I am sad to see Adam return to Iowa to run for Clarke County Attorney, I know that he will serve you well.

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