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letter to the editor

To the Editor,

The last few months several downtown businesses have been having trouble with young teen boys getting on the roofs of their buildings and running around. On one occasion they were throwing things at customers going into a business. The police were called and on two occasions some of the boys were caught. Their parents were called in and the kids were sent home with them. But sadly, this has not deterred them.

These kids have no business on these roofs. There could be damage done to the roof tops. Someone could be injured. Plus, it is just plain trespassing.

The reason for my letter is to make the public aware this is going on. If you are downtown and see this happening, call the police. Parents, could these be your kids??? Business owners have the option of pressing trespassing charges against these kids. That would put a stain on their records and take our valuable time in court. No one wants either. Please don’t make us resort to that.

Ronda Audlehelm

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