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Letters to the Editor

Pork industry is a great success for Iowa

From Ray Negley


Over the years, I’ve noticed folks cherry picking concerns over Iowa’s pork production without fully understanding its economic value to our state. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to work in agriculture understand the major impact the pork industry has on Iowa, and what it means for many Iowa families. The pork industry is known for investing in rural communities like ours all across the state. Pork companies use local workers and help create jobs – thousands of jobs at that – which also bring economic benefits to surrounding areas.

One third of all the pork raised in the United States is raised here in Iowa. The hogs raised in Iowa consume 441 bushels of corn and 18 billion pounds of soybeans annually. The pork industry is not only essential to hog farmers, but farmers and business owners across our state. Whether it’s concrete, power washers or local trucking, the benefits stay in Iowa. In Iowa, 94 percent of hog farms are owned by Iowa families according to the USDA at www.iowapork.org/family-farms-are-focus-of-new-agriculture-census-data. These families have helped make Iowa the number one pork producing state in the U.S.

We should always be focused on improving, but Iowa’s pork industry is a great success story for our state.

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