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Letters to the Editor

The painted rock in Murray is a great thing

From Gary Dugger


I knew it was a good thing before I went to see it. It only made sense.

However, I wasn’t ready for the emotion when I got there, with the studs still around it. The first name I saw was Vernon Vunkhouser. His brother Bart was one of my dad’s best friends. And I had always known he was killed in action in Korea. I just stood there for awhile, didn’t move, couldn’t. It had impact for sure.

When I moved around the painted rock, I saw more names. I won’t list them all because you will go see them. One was Max Daniel. My dad, Claire Dugger, was renting his father’s farmland. Max went down on the Arizona with his mates on the first day of the war.

I will close with this – for tears are forming. Max’s dad told my dad when leaving for service: “Get one for Max, for me!”

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