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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Last year, I was hospitalized for two weeks with drug resistant E. coli. I was given an extremely potent antibiotic only available through IV. It eradicated the E. coli, but my gut is still recovering from the damage it inflicted.

Now as you read on, please imagine your child, grandchild or other children.

Would you give this child contaminated water?

Would you give this child polluted air to breathe?

Would you knowingly expose this child to an illness for which there is no antidote?

If you answered no, then you must confront the disconnect Iowa has with the factory farm industry.

Please consider the following questions:

Why did the DNR just discover 5,000 additional factory farms in Iowa?

Why did the DNR fire an employee who was helping counties understand rules for CAFOs?

Why did the DNR’s oversight panel vote against updating CAFO rules, which haven’t been revised in 15 years?

Iowa bought and sold.

As a citizen, think about your responsibilities to the children. Will you be silent about factory farming, or will you speak out? Stand with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement on our call for a moratorium on new factory farms.

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