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Iowa State Senator Amy Sinclair stops in Murray

Teaching students how to make a difference

Iowa State Senator Amy Sinclair (R-Allerton) will visit Murray Community School 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 12. School leaders are hopeful she’ll inspire students to be part of the solution when they encounter a problem.

“We live in a society filled with people who can’t deal with adversity,” said Murray Superintendent Alan Miller.

He said the visit will help students navigate the political process, from attending local meetings to casting votes during elections.

City Elections in Clarke County take place Tuesday, Nov. 7. In Murray, like in Osceola and Woodburn, many of the candidates are running unopposed. Citizens still have a chance to weigh in with their opinions. Constituents can show their support with a vote, withhold support through an abstention or put someone else up for the job by writing in candidates.

In Murray, Scott Busick is the only candidate running for mayor. Lois Ellen Hamilton, Ken Harrison and Richard Hayes are running for two open seats on Murray City Council.

“The idea behind voting is making sure that the people on the council share your thought process for where your town is headed,” said Murray City Administrator Denise Simmons. “The council is making decisions for you the taxpayer and it is your responsibility to have a voice on who those people are.”

Other ways to make your opinion known? Though complaining to friends might be the most popular option, it’s not always very effective, said Simmons. The message can get skewed from one person to another.

“No matter what the issue is the only place to go to get results is City Hall,” said Simmons. “You may not get the result you want, but you will get an understanding of the what and whys with the documented facts to back it up. Being misinformed is usually 100 percent of the issue.”

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