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Relocation avoided in recent reservoir land purchase

The Clarke County Reservoir Commission’s final site plan was approved Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016, and the project has entered the land acquisition stage. Once purchased, structures on sites are demolished, wells are plugged and septic tanks must be decommissioned. Thanks to a creative agreement with the DNR, landowners in select locations will be able to avoid relocation, which also means big savings for the commission.

“Their house is technically within the buffer area that DNR normally requires CCRC to have ‘control’ over for a water supply reservoir,” said Project Coordinator David Beck. “However, after talking with the couple, CCRC proposed some variances at a handful of locations in the project to DNR.”

The board voted Thursday, Jan. 19, to complete the purchase.

“We were able to keep the family where they wanted to stay, in their house,” said Brandon Patterson, “and save us quite a bit of money, too.”

​According to Beck, the commission was able to purchase just 16 of 22 acres and forgo the upheavel and expense of demolition. While five sites were included in the request, the remaining four have yet to receive DNR approval.

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