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Letters to the Editor

Supporting Sarah Truitt

For almost three years, our city benefited from the leadership and representation of Sarah Truitt. During her past service on the city council, she represented the second ward. Sarah brought a fresh voice and perspective to local government.

Now, Sarah is volunteering again. She wants to bring her experience back to the city council. She is running for the at-large position in the special election.

When talking to Sarah, you soon realize she stands for fairness and justice. She listens to concerns of citizens. She did her homework in preparing for city council meetings. She has an eye on the future as indicated by her support of the Osceola Comprehensive Plan.

We are fortunate to have a mother of young children who is willing and able to volunteer her time in service to our city.

Please join me in supporting Sarah Truitt in the special election for city council to be held on Tuesday, Aug. 5. Voting is either on election day or by absentee ballot through the office of the county auditor.

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