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Handed over

It was a conversation I overheard in an airport a long time ago. Having recently flown east for my daughter’s wedding, I remembered it as I sat waiting in the airport. 

A young boy was flying “unaccompanied.” No adult would be flying with him, so the airport gate agent was explaining to him the process of getting him from the airport in a small city in Michigan to the one in an equally small city in Germany.

There seemed to be many stops and plane changes this boy would have to negotiate, and as the agent explained them to him, each step began with “then you’ll be handed over to,”  or “then they’ll hand you over to.”

After the agent was finished, she asked him if he understood, if he had any questions.  Clearly not too comfortable with the whole thing, he asked her, “So why do I have to be ‘handed over’ all the time anyway?”

Then came the agent’s explanation and the boy’s reply that I’ll never forget:

“Why, honey, that’s so if something happens to the plane, they’ll know if you were on board or not.”

Whoa!  THAT got my attention!  How COULD she say something like that to anyone, let alone a young boy?

He seemed to think a minute. Then his reply came, “Well, I guess if Jesus got ‘handed over’ and He came out OK, I will too.”

Handed over. Ever feel like that? Be honest now, don’t you have days (or weeks, or ... ) where you feel like you’re just being “handed over” from one thing to another, from one job or chore to another? Ever wonder where it could all end?

Well, here’s Jesus’ answer, loud and clear. You’ll end with Him. Forever. 

His journey took Him all over the place. Cesarea, Jerusalem, Galilee.

Your journey will take you all over the place too. Home, work, school, perhaps even moving to a new home.

But if you travel with Jesus, one thing is certain. Your last “handing over” will land you right in His arms. No matter if you feel betrayed, mocked, even tortured and crucified.

Handed over. That’s right.

Jesus is right there with you, in the middle of all your times of being “handed over.”

He’s been there, done that. Oh, yeah.

Won’t you begin today, and every day, by handing yourself over to Him?

You’ll find a life strengthened by His incredible grace and peace.

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