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Baby turkeys visit third-graders during field day

This year at the annual third-grade field day, the students met Kelli Rice, Sabrina Buckingham and Jaime Shaw, who were representing the Valley of the Moon Turkey Hatchery, the world’s largest turkey hatchery, which is in Osceola.

The women brought information about turkeys, including baby turkeys for the students to get an opportunity to touch. They explained how eggs are candled to see if they are fertile and showed pictures of the egg turkeys hatch from.

The students learned baby turkeys are called poults and have four toes on each foot, but many turkey growers want the dew claw removed, as well as the snood which is done by microwave machine.

A newly-hatched turkey can survive for 72 hours without food or water, and it normally takes 28 days for a fertile turkey egg to hatch. Valley of the Moon has shipped baby turkeys to Equador and Canada, as well as many places in the United States.

Clarke County Farm Bureau appreciates the time Valley of the Moon spent helping make the third-grade field day a success.

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