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Letters to the Editor

Needing your support

Over the past three years, I have enjoyed serving the city of Osceola as the 2nd Ward councilperson. My husband and I look forward to the future here and raising our two daughters in this community. We are invested in seeing Osceola continue to grow and prosper.

While I’ve been on the council, the city has remained tax neutral for several years in a row, created more than 200 jobs and completed and begun to implement a new comprehensive plan, among other things.

Osceola is on the brink of some other exciting projects, including a downtown façade renovation, Safe Routes to School, a program that helps fund sidewalks, and the restoration of the train depot. Fortunately, the city has received a substantial amount of grant money to help fund these projects that are so important to our community.

I am asking for the support of the people who live in Ward 2 on Nov. 5. I want to continue to represent constituents in an educated, moderate and thoughtful way, and help the city provide the best services and quality of life possible. There is a lot of work yet to be done, but I know that with my help, Osceola has a bright future.

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