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Rate versus weight

City council awards solid-waste contract to Jim’s Trucking

In the end, the final decision came down to rate versus weight.

During a July 3 Osceola City Council meeting, the council awarded a five-year contract for the city’s solid-waste and recycling collection to Jim’s Trucking of Creston. The contract starts Oct. 1.

Jim’s Trucking and Waste Management, which is the current waste collector for Osceola, both had bids for the contract.

Jim’s Trucking had higher collection rates, but smaller truck loads. Waste Management had cheaper collection rates, but heavier truck loads. The council was concerned about the wear and tear of trucks on city streets.

Councilman Dr. George Fotiadis said the decision was going to come down to rate versus weight.

“That’s exactly what it is,” said City Administrator/Clerk Ty Wheeler. “There’s been a lot of discussion about weight, and that was why it was part of the bid packet. That’s why we asked for those specs.”


During a previous council meeting, the council denied renewing a five-year contract with Waste Management, which incorporates single-stream recycling. The council rebid the contract for the fall.

The city currently has a contract with Waste Management until Sept. 30.

Current concerns

Representatives from Waste Management and Jim’s Trucking were at the meeting.

Councilman Glenn Schaff addressed the Waste Management representatives and said the council has asked about getting lighter trucks for the city’s streets, including seal-coated and asphalt roads.

Schaff said he didn’t like when a different Waste Management representative came last fall with a new contract for the city.

“One of us asked some questions and he said, ‘There’s your contract. Take it or leave it.’ Well, I just don’t like having a gun put to my head,” Schaff said.

While representatives from Waste Management answered specific questions about the current bids, they didn’t address the situation from the original contract in the fall.


Different types of garbage trucks were discussed during the meeting.

With Waste Management, the bids showed solid-waste collection would have been done with a front-load truck, which is currently used. Recycling would have been done with a truck with an automated side-load.

Jim’s Trucking uses rear-load trucks with an assist on the back. The trucks will only go down the street once for waste collection.

Schaff said he would rather have the smaller trucks on the streets, even if it does mean a higher rate for people.

According to Fotiadis, street upgrades are a long-term plan for the city.

Mike Allen, the city’s street superintendent, attended the meeting, and Fotiadis asked about the current wear and tear on the streets.

“Basically, the only thing that shows any wear is probably the asphalt,” Allen said. “You know, that’s obviously on the edge where they (the trucks) stop every week.”

Recycling totes

Fotiadis asked about incorporating single-stream recycling with different totes.

“It’s a two-container, 96 gallon, 95 gallon, a piece, system,” Wheeler said.

Councilman Dave Walkup asked if Jim’s Trucking had totes with different-colored lids that show what recyclables can be put in them. The answer was yes.

“We have a lot of educating to do as we go through this,” Walkup said.

Final decisions

Councilwoman Sarah Truitt said she appreciated both proposals, which were well written. However, she said she favored the bid from Jim’s Trucking.

Truitt was asked if her decision came down to the weight of the trucks.

“No, not necessarily because of the weight, for me,” Truitt answered.

Fotiadis said it’s the city’s burden to fix the streets, and he likes the better rates of Waste Management.

“(It’s) a proven commodity. We know where their service has been,” he said. “So, as you can tell, which way I’d prefer we go.”

The council made a motion to award the contract to Jim’s Trucking. Walkup, Schaff, and Truitt voted yes. Fotiadis voted no. Councilman Chris Dorsey was absent.

Once the bid was awarded to Jim’s Trucking, the Waste Management representatives left the meeting.

“Sitting in this seat, I guess, I was looking more in terms of the cost versus package offer,” Fotiadis said.


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