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Pilot, Lakeside Casino face fines for selling tobacco to underage youths

More than six weeks ago, Osceola Police Department participated in a program where they sent an underage youth into all the tobacco-licensed facilities in the city.

There were two places that sold tobacco to the police department's underage person — Pilot and Lakeside Casino.

These businesses are subject to a city fine of $300 for first offense.

Osceola Police Chief Duffus attended a Jan. 2 Osceola City Council meeting because he needed the city's acceptance of the $300 from Pilot and a signature from the mayor.

State fines

During the meeting, a question was asked about whether the businesses would receive a state fine, as well.

"The clerk that sells it gets a state violation," Duffus said. "It used to be that the state took this money from the establishments, and we've since said, 'No, we think we should do it since we're the ones doing the work.' They said, 'Yeah, we're fine with that. Go ahead.'"

Another question was about the businesses with violations still selling cigarettes.

"They get so many violations, then they'll lose their license," Duffus.

A second violation for selling tobacco to an underage individual is $750.

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