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Letters to the Editor

Look at what is happening

By Tom C. Murr


Well, November 6 has come and gone. We have elected a new President.

Yes, three days later, Florida finally got their votes counted.

We expected things to return to “quiet time.” Oh, how wrong we were. Look at what is happening:

a. We could go over the “cliff” with our debt, new taxes and more spending.

b. Companies are cutting workers and hours.

c. Before the election, Nov. 1, we had an American drone over the Mediterranean Sea shot at by Iran. It was classified.

d. Cabinet members are retiring.

e. We closed more public lands to drilling in a number of states in the west. Oh, there will be a hearing.

f. Sunday, Syria fires rockets into Israel. Israel fired back.

g. One American general has resigned as head of the CIA. Not clear how long the FBI had been investigating.

h. In the last 90 days, there has been 6125 proposed new regulations. That is an average of 68 per day.

Guess the election is over, but look out what is coming around the corner.

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