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Water superintendent charged with OWI while driving city vehicle

Brandon Dean Patterson, water superintendent for the city of Osceola, was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, second offense, and stopping on a paved part of the highway 1:30 a.m. Sept. 12 in Dickinson County.

A anonymous city official confirmed Patterson was driving an Osceola city vehicle.

According to a Spirit Lake Police report, Patterson, 29, was driving a white Chevrolet pickup with the registration No. 83380 on Highways 9 and 71, west of Peoria Ave., in Dickinson County when he was charged.

Disciplinary action

During a Sept. 17 Osceola Water Board meeting, disciplinary action was taken against Patterson.

The disciplinary action includes five days off without pay, drug and alcohol testing for one year at the discretion of city administrator Ty Wheeler, enrollment and completion of an alcohol assessment and treatment program and completion of 20 hours of community service, which will be determined by the board at a future date.

A letter will be placed in a personnel file stating, in compliance with any of these requirements or testing by law enforcement, if Patterson is found to have alcohol in his system it will result in his termination immediately.

This will remain in effect for the term of Patterson's employment.

The water board reserves the right to reconsider Patterson's reprimand after the court has determined its punishment.

If Patterson's driver's license is lost and no work permit can be acquired, his employment may be terminated.

Bill Freeman, chairman of Osceola Water Board, was unavailable for comment.

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