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Letters to the Editor

Commitment to education

This year we’ve seen some short-sighted legislation introduced in Des Moines.

Among the most frustrating to me were those relating to education. This session was supposed to be about jobs. How can we attract and keep employers if we falter in our commitment to schools?

Quality education is one for the keys to economic development.

In the Iowa Senate, we need someone who cares about the priorities of the middle class: jobs; main-street businesses and education. I believe Dick Schrad, the retired city manager of Knoxville, will be that voice for us.

His wife of 47 years was a teacher, so he knows the importance of good education and the necessity of keeping Iowa’s youths in Iowa.

Throughout his life, he’s been a moderate, non-political figure, fostering economic development and municipal government of several Iowa communities.

I am going to be supporting Dick Schrad for state senator from the newly-formed state senate district.


Steve Waterman


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